On thickening plots


Late last year the amazing team at SCBWI Words & Pictures magazine asked if I would pull together a few blog posts for their KnowHow series. I’ve been a huge fan of W&P for some time, the team are really supportive of new and emerging writers, the craft of creating stories and the community as a whole.

Here follows my collected posts on ‘plot’ with some of the key things I’ve learned over the years. I hope you find them useful.

Part ! - So you think you can’t plot?

All writers feel blinded by plot sometimes…

Part II - How to get through a plot block.

Includes 2 exercises (w/ways to expand & use them in your book) for you to try; & recommends a great book 'What If?' (Pamela Painter, Anne Bernays)

Part III - Perfecting plot.

Did you know you can breakdown plotting from acts all the way to sentence structure. If you're stuck, with the big picture, go smaller; if you're lost in the detail, fly above to find the road that will show you the way.

Part IV - To plot, or not to plot?

In the last of my #plot articles I try to list myriad #plotting options, explained #pantsing (Not what you might think it is) & how both techniques can help/hinder you.

I hope you enjoyed the articles, and really recommend reading further around the W&P site, as well as following them on twitter for lots more tips, tricks and news.