On being longlisted: Bath Flash Award 2017


EXCITING NEWS! I’m so privileged to announce that I’m one of the 50 writers longlisted for the 2017 Bath Flash Fiction. All longlisted stories will be published later this year, which will make it my first ever official publication! It’s a worldwide open competition with incredibly prestigious judges, so whatever the outcome I’m really humbled to be in the top 50. 

I submitted 6 pieces to the BFFA this time and was so excited to have 1 shortlisted. I was surprised at the selection, as of all the pieces it was not my favorite. Sometimes you get surprised with what resonates with people. Cue me studying each of the 260 words to find out why!

Update: you can read the actual story in Vol 2: The Lobsters Run Free. For the price of a M&S sandwich you can get this story and 49 other great pieces - amazing value.