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On Giving Back

*Please share and promote this opportunity within your networks so that there is great diversity taking advantage of the funds!*

Following the recent announcement that my YA book #TheBoyIAm will published with Stripes Publishing in 2020, to celebrate this and all the people and support I have had to achieve it I wanted to find a way to best reflect what it means.

Reaching this milestone is not a solo endeavour - it represents hours of investment: of time, of money, of energy and of the encouragement of others (including emotional and financial support). I'm very mindful that there are people out there with the talent, but not the means to get their voice out there.

So, I’m ‘giving back’, supporting FREE ENTRY places for low income (for flash, short stories & poetry) to the Bare Fiction 2018 Competition , and to the Bath Children's Novel Award.


Bare Fiction mag is a great launchpad for new writing, short, flash fic & poetry. I was Highly Commended in 2016 and I highly recommend it, as well as the Bath Children's Novel Award, as great entries into the writing world.

If you would like to apply click the links below - and please share with your communities to get the news out that these places are available. (Applications to use will be open for 2 weeks from July 18th 2018!) Open to Poetry, Flash fiction & Short Stories.) (Applications Open to Children's Novels from now until Dec 2nd 2018.)

I can’t wait to read the amazing work.

You can also support the funds yourself too by clicking on images below.

Update: 23-7-18 - In more lovely news the Bookseller has published an article on this and the support from other authors, such as Kit de Waal.

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