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On Mentoring

One of the amazing parts of the Childrens’ writing community is how supportive so many are when others looking to get their stories into the hands of new readers and the #WriteMentor program has elevated and supported so many!

I’ve seen so many authors I respect support this in the last year that I wanted to do what I could to be part of it, so this summer I’m excited to have been selected as one of the mentors. Of course, it’s not just me there are fantastic people you can apply to work with (up to 3) by 17th April 2020.

To find out more about the program, it’s opportunities and how to apply go here

About me:

I've been writing as long as I can remember, but it wasn’t I opened myself up to working with other writers, teachers and the community that I really found my voice. It’s hard to expose yourself to feedback, so anyone who applies I hope you reward yourself for just taking that first step, whether you’ve done it before or not. I have been submitting to agents with various MS since 2008, have been part of the Golden Egg Academy as a ‘buddy’ and speaker, and after being shortlisted for UV2018 will be published with my YA book in early 2021.

What I can offer:

Thanks to some quite time-consuming life stuff I’m not able to support full MSS this year, but will happily work with any applicant on a partial or submission.

What I’m interested in :

YA is a difficult but really rewarding market to write for, the caliber of new work is so exciting right now, and agents and publishers are buying less quantity and focusing on the interesting, the diverse and the subversive. I hope that you’re as passionate about writing YA as I am! Here are a few things to help you with what we could work on together…

  • ‘Sci-Fi, Contemporary, Thriller, Mystery, Dystopian, Time-Travel, Action/Adventure’ are the genres I listed - but I’m interested in any story that asks important questions in new ways, stories that lay challenges at your feet as a writer and will resonate with your readers long after the last page.

  • I’m looking for compelling characters that speak to universal themes, and new/own voices which need a platform in the market.

  • If you have a powerful story that pushes and challenges perspectives, if you know the story rules and are ready to play with them in ways that surprise then come get me!

  • Any story which asks questions and comes from strange places to hold up a mirror to our world.

  • The question that pulled me into writing my debut novel The Boy I Am was ‘what kind of feminist am I?’ What question about yourself or our world compels you to write your story and for others to read it?

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