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On Publication: 15 amazing words

Disclaimer: There aren’t many moments in my life which have rendered me speechless. This is one of those moments. *

Stripes Publishing will publish 'The Boy I Am' in 2020, and a sequel in 2021.

* I'm sure I'll find something meaningful and smart another day. Until then, content from the Press Release is below and you might be able to read more about the news via these places: BookBrunch Madeleine Milburn Stripes

Announcement time! We can't wait to share @klkettle's #TheBoyIAm resistance novel with you all. 💀💪🏻 — Stripes Publishing (@StripesBooks) July 10, 2018

“Stripes Publishing has acquired world rights to a “bold and arresting” YA novel ‘The Boy I Am’ by debut author Kathryn L Kettle. A pacey speculative fiction thriller for young adults, The Boy I Am tells the story of sixteen-year-old Jude, brought up in ‘The House of Boys’, who has to primp and pose his way into the corrupt Chancellor’s affections, so that he can assassinate her. Jennings said: “Kettle’s audacious and evocative writing packs a huge punch, and we’re thrilled to be publishing such an exciting debut voice. Jude’s journey as he starts to question everything he has ever known will stay with readers long after the final page. With her flair for the dazzling set piece and the killer plot twist, Kettle is a YA superstar in the making.” — Stripes Press Release 10-Jul-18

PS: Let's GO!

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