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On the way: looking out over the world

*** adapted from a letter written as part of the amazing Wildest Dreams ‘What if?’ Jan’21 Box *** I’m so excited for those of you who hold The Boy I Am in your hands, and those of you who have yet to buy it! Looking forward to you meeting Jude, to see all the ways he will live outside of my mind and the worlds on the page. Will there be cos-play (I can but hope), fan art (Send me pics!), fanfic (link me, I want to read!)…

… Jude has been by my side for quite a few years, and it’s the most amazing feeling to free him into the world.

I’m editing this little blog outside with the wind in my ears on the top of a hill, imagining long ago (when I was 11) and I stood on the open roof of the World Trade centre in New York. I became intoxicated by heights, the fear they bring, their freedom and danger. It’s a feeling that has probably leaked into descriptions of High House in The Boy I am.

Looking over the green trees, it’s a view that Jude might only dream of; a sight like this would be the greatest freedom for him. But, as beautiful as the view is, from up high it’s easy to forget that the world below isn’t perfect. It’s far from the dystopian world in my book or other literature, but sometimes those worlds seem a little too near. I often wonder, if I was pushed, just one little push, would I fight for change? There are times I have, and just as many times when I’ve hung back, knowing there’s too much to lose. I’m not like Jude. He’s much braver than me. But then again, he has nothing much left to lose. Is that what it takes? Most people don’t fight the world unless there’s no other choice. Would you risk everything to create your utopia? What if your utopia was someone else’s dystopia? If not, what would it take for you to make that leap?

Let me know your thoughts.

I’m hoping to run some workshops about power systems and dystopia/utopias and would love to hear readers thoughts.

If you’re interested in an event let me know , and if you just want to share your thoughts the comments are open below!

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