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On the way: things amazing and tough

2021. What a strange and long year. We may be towards March 2022, now, but today is the first day that feels like a new year for me.

The last year has been a blur. The publication of my debut being amazing, but it felt like a little paper boat on a wild sea, battered by the waves of the world. It’s been an amazing and tough year in equal measure.

Amazing things:

  • Launching ‘The Boy I am’

  • multiple lovely award nominations including The Carnegie !!

  • interviews, and YA cons and articles (oh my!)

  • The Boy I Am remaining in the Waterstones recommended YA for over 6 months, and as a thriller rec for the whole year

  • visiting awesome indie bookshops and sellers

  • the launch and success of ‘The Book Chain Project’ (More news on Season 2 coming soon, with a little delay). If you haven’t watched or listened do check out the links

Tough things:

  • the loneliness of a global pandemic

  • post-maternity return to full time work despite a global pandemic

  • writing book 2 (sophomore books are notoriously hard, and mine seems no exception to the rule) while doing a full time job during a global pandemic

  • managing toddlers, while writing a second book, and working a full time job during a global pandemic

  • not being able to visit schools and do in-person promotion for my book-baby

  • seeing friends and talented authors undergoing relentless and foul racist and anti-trans abuse online

  • cabin fever

  • the unfortunate impact on my mental health …

As the spring begins things feel renewed.

Thanks for all my friends and loved ones, both bookish and not, for their support in the last year, for the championing of my book and my work, and the continued kindness.

I’m hoping to post a little more frequency, to include more posts about upcoming things,

  • The launch of ‘The Boy I Am’ as ‘Jestem Jude. Zniewolony’ by Books4YA (part of Zielona Sowa) in Poland!

  • In person school visits - huzzah!

  • Book 2 progress and news

  • Online events/videos

  • The Book Chain Project Season 2

Stay tuned…

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